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In a nutshell? The Unleashed Life is all about removing the distractions and putting a magnifying glass on your thoughts, habits, beliefs, actions, personality and identity. It is discovering who you truly are at your core, then aligning your body, mind and soul to that deep rooted knowledge. When we commit to living in alignment with our true self, we cultivate the power to do literally anything.

If this sounds intuitive, it’s because it is. We were born to live this way, but have been distracted and misguided for so long, it seems foreign now. Let’s drill down and find who you are at your core, put the pedal to the metal, and drive full-throttle into the brilliant experience your life was meant to be.

The good news is, everything you need is already there. We just need to unlock the kick-ass you and bring her to the forefront.

So what is The Unleashed Life? It’s a podcast, a blog and a members-only mindset program, you bet. But it’s also an online community of women, a place of growth and learning, a place to let’er rip with zero judgement and a place heal. It’s a journey that we will all take together toward your life, UNLEASHED.

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Hi! I’m Dr. Tiffany Johnson. I am a chiropractor, yes. But over my years in practice I learned that what drew me to chiropractic, was that I am a healer at heart. My time in chiropractic has given me the opportunity to work with thousands of families, and in so many of them, our healing went FAR beyond spinal health.

I discovered I have a knack for moving people, especially women, out of a stuck place, into a place of freedom, hope and joy. And that look, when hope breaks through in someone’s eye? That’s addictive.

I felt like I had more to share. And it was stifled within the walls of my practice. That’s where The Unleashed Life was born. 

Living out of alignment is painful. If you find you’re propping your life up with medications, feeling generalized physical, mental or emotional pain – that’s a good indicator that something is off. Pain, however, should be a friend who stops in for a visit, not a roommate. Pain has an important message for you, and it’s always the same message: PAY ATTENTION. We’ve come to a place as a society where it is just accepted that after a certain age, chronic conditions and medications are simply a part of life. That is a lie.

Don’t get me wrong: There is absolutely a time and a place for medication, and some conditions are indeed chronic. But that is all the more reason to give that powerhouse healer of a bod of yours its best chance at living in a state of utter brilliance. You unequivocally deserve it, and the good news is it’s within reach.

THIS. This is what I was put on this earth to do. 

The Unleashed Life Academy is a members-only website filled with courses and resources. It is also a community of women, aligning with each other, transforming each member into her own aligned, steady self.

With new content added every month, we’ll take steps toward aligned living with coaching, courses & workbooks, yoga and most importantly, a community for you to thrive in.

The doors to the membership won’t be open for long! Learn more about The Unleashed Life Academy by clicking below and get in while you can!

Grab some earbuds, a pen, a paper and a seatbelt because girl, this is a high energy, deep-feeling podcast.

Join me, Dr. Tiffany Johnson, as I talk to inspirational woman after inspirational woman, as they reveal the key to what makes them tick.

We all face adversity, the difference is how we deal with it. These women show that living in alignment is an art, and an art worth mastering.

Toot toot! We’re pulling into Inspiration and Motivation Station and you’re on board! 

I love my podcast, but my true love is for the written word. Journaling is a huge part of this journey, and this is mine. You can always count on straight-shootin’ messages coming directly from my heart, and always with a dose of giggles. Join the wild ride that is The Aligned Life Voice.

I don’t want to brag, but YOU GUYS I KNOW SOME AMAZING WOMEN! Tune in and learn how they’ve brought their body, mind and soul into alignment with their life’s purpose. 

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