Last week I didn’t put out a podcast. For everyone that knows me, that’s … off.

I was TAPPED. I was exhausted and couldn’t do any more. This wasn’t my first time at the pushed-too-far rodeo – over the years I’ve been here quite often. Over the years I’ve learned a great way to avoid getting hit by the bull.

I step outside of myself and settle in for some observation time. Here’s the thing – there’s no judgement in observation. I just do a quick body/soul scan to see what’s going on.

Today I share 8 signs I look for in a soul scan. It’s a simple checklist I store in my head that helps me name the problem. Once I identify the source of the funk, I can get the funk out of there. I’ll also share my best practices for getting back on track.

It takes a deep breath, a mindful moment and some practice, but boy does it work. Giving yourself a little space to be human, then objectively standing back and observing yourself is a gift – to yourself and everyone around you.

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1 comment on “045: What Your Exhaustion Is Trying To Tell You with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

  1. Teressa says:

    Thank you for this, Tiffany!

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