There is a quote from this episode that I’ll keep with me forever.

“What if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?”

Mandy George, West City Fargo Commissioner, knows her fair share about flying. And that quote drove her beyond hurdles that would have stopped most. After getting an extensive education, she began her career as a pilot almost 20 years ago, where she fell in love with aviation.

Early on she realized that as a woman in a male dominated field, she’d have to “be better, to get equal credibility.” She was up to the challenge and didn’t let that stop her. It also didn’t stop her from pursuing her dream of community service as Commissioner.

She lost her ex-husband to an accident early on in her daughter’s life. As a single mother, she relied heavily on her community to support her during that loss and with her career, and has come full circle to provide support for that same community now.

Join us for this high-energy conversation, where Mandy shares how she overcame the odds to build a life aligned to her gifts, passions and her family.

About our Guest

Born in 1977, Mandy grew up in Moorhead and graduated from Moorhead High in 1995. She went to NDSU for 2 years, MSU for 4 years, got her Bachelor of Arts in sociology, went to UND for 1 semester in commercial aviation, then onto Vic’s aircraft and MN Aviation in Albert Lea. She completed private, instrument, commercial, multi-engine, Certified Flight Instructor, instrument and multi, and airline transport pilot certificates. (CFI, CFII, MEI, ATP)

She became an instructor, teaching lessons from 2002-2005, and went on to co-own Eagle 1 Aviation with her late ex-husband, from 2003-2006. She flew freight for corporate air (2005-2006), and flew Encore Air Cargo (2006-2007).

Her daughter was born in 2008, during which time she did some part time flight instruction. She flew for Titan Machinery (2011-2014), Red River Aero (2012-2015), Dragonfly Air Services (2013-2015), and Bell Bank (2015-current).

She was elected West Fargo City Commissioner June 2020, and has been serving her community ever since with a commitment to honesty, transparency and putting the community first.

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