I wish I could turn this episode into a cloud, throw it in the air and let it rain its wisdom down on the entire universe.

The incredible, resilient Joelle Baehr joins me in this episode and sheds a light on trauma that everyone needs to hear. Trauma isn’t always something huge like child abuse, or a car accident. It also comes in seemingly small, daily doses that we assume disappear once they’re over.

They don’t.

Join us as Joelle tells us how she regained control in her life after significant trauma as a child. How her faith has blessed her with a bulletproof confidence, knowing that she is a child of God. She talks about how that same faith has shown her the way to forgive and says she could hug the people who have hurt her the most. That compassion and forgiveness is the key to healing.

This eloquent, brilliant human runs us through how she learned to forgive, gained the confidence to risk making decisions, how she deals with triggers and why she banned bonding over hatred in her company.

She says there are a million little things you can do to move yourself closer to peace. Just start somewhere. Start by listening to this episode.

These are the books Joelle mentioned: The Chronological BibleDeep WorkWill Power Doesn’t WorkThe Body Keeps the ScoreMultipliersManaging Leadership Anxiety, and Widen the Window.

About our Guest

I started a company 17 years ago managing investment property. Today, we manage 500 units and are a staff of about 20 in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. I was born and raised in North Central, North Dakota, where I played a lot of sports and learned to survive cold winters. I have a 20 year old son and have been married for three years. I love to write, read books, bake bread, be outside and throw axes.

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