I’ve noticed a big dip in people’s energy recently.

I have my hands on hundreds of people each week, so I have a bit of a different perspective because I’m not limited to any kind of social bubble, so I can get a read on the community at large.

Plus I’m not frigging blind.

That storm out there is raging with all of those conflicting opinions, confusion and unrest. it’s a world of chaos presented to us every time we turn on the TV or peek at social media.

When there’s a storm of that size, how do we keep from getting caught up in it? Especially when it feels like we’re on a little life raft in this stormy sea?

It’s quite simple actually. We take our power back. When everything is spinning out, there is one last thing that you can take complete control of.

Psst. It’s you.

I’m going deep and raw in this episode, sharing tactics that work. Tune in, won’t you? We need you at your best.

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