I am a lot of things, but consistent hasn’t always been one of them. So putting out weekly podcast episodes for a solid year is kind of a big deal for me.

The truth is, I can be consistent when it involves doing something I love. But as with anything in business (and life), while I love parts of podcasting, I do not love all the parts. 

Today I’m sharing about how I created a system and a team to support me, pushing this dream forward in a way I couldn’t do on my own. That living, breathing system is what gave me the push to produce even when I wasn’t feeling it.

I’m also talking about how all of those lessons have trickled down from podcasting to infuse my entire business. And the growth I’ve created is something I never thought would be possible. 

Short story? I’m giving you the step by step formula to grow and scale your business, to cultivate a team and raise them to your level, and how to become the leader that can’t let them down.

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