067: Gaining Divine Confidence with Kat Kim

Do you struggle with confidence? Do you wonder what you are here to do? Today’s guest, Kat Kim, is here to help you!

You need to hear Kat’s crazy story of being fed diet pills starting at age 6 to dealing drugs at 18  to becoming a spiritual leader and founder of The School of Divine Confidence. Her story is truly amazing!!

I talk with Kat about:

  • Her wake up call to beginning her transformation process
  • How and why she began The School of Divine Confidence
  • Find out Kat’s take on the source of all things
  • How you can learn to express yourself through the source of all things (How do we tap into the source of all things and express that?)
  • What we all need to take a hard look at (you included!) We also discuss how we get sucked into the collective, consumer culture and the pros and cons of living in this culture
  • How divine confidence affects you and your world  (Find out how Divine Confidence comes into play in dealing with our consumer culture)
  • And so much more!

Guest Links:
Facebook: Kat Kim
Instagram: @katkimofficial

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