068: An Unfiltered Life with Amanda McKinnon

Hey, Dr. Tiff here. Do you love to help people, but never think to ask for help yourself? 

Our guest this week can relate to that. Amanda McKinnon owns a successful branding and marketing business, is raising her 17 month old daughter and bonus sons ages 15 and 12 to be thoughtful people, and still makes time to do the household chores. Whew, talking to this relatable renegade will help you see you’re not alone.

We chat about:

  • Boundary setting (Why you can and should do it)
  • How being bullied in her childhood made Mandy better not bitter
  • Teaching your children to be good people and not give in to bullying
  • How live events can change what you say YES to! 
  • Why vulnerability rocks and how to be authentically yourself
  • And lots of funny stories along the way!

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