082: Letting Go When Anxiety Consumes You with callyn johnson

Anxiety. Fear. Panic. These were just some of the emotions Callyn was experiencing earlier this year during a difficult situation. Today, she joins me to talk about what it was like physically, mentally and emotionally throughout the experience, how she was finally able to move forward and so much more. This episode is one that every parent and kid needs to hear!

We talk more about:

  • Getting past the anxiety of what other people would think of her 
  • What the scariest part of the whole situation was for Callyn 
  • Finding the right support system that works for you
  • What happens in the beautiful chaos of breaking down
  • The physical, mental and emotional differences Callyn has experienced post situation 
  • Discovering that showing vulnerability actually made her relationships stronger 
  • Finding the ultimate breakthrough from the situation   

Connect with Callyn: @callyn.johnson

2 comments on “082: Letting Go When Anxiety Consumes You with callyn johnson

  1. Bethany says:

    Love love love all of this! It’s so true – how anxiety can stop us in our tracks and bring us to a point where we can no longer plan ahead or try to “process through” in our usual familiar ways. It forces you to live in the moment, often painfully.

    1. Glad you love it Bethany!

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