086: Living an Authentic Life Without the Stress

Are stress and anxiety holding you back from living your life? That’s exactly what happened to my guest Lindsay Vettleson. Lindsay joins me today to talk about how she was able to break free of these confines to live the life she knew she was always meant to and how you can do the same!

We talk more about:

  • One mindset shift she had to make in order to see and live life differently
  • Why being proactive in your health and wellness is key 
  • How Lindsay’s life has changed since making herself a priority
  • The threshold you could be hitting that is negatively impacting your relationships
  • How mindfulness can allow you to slow down and appreciate the present moment
  • What Lindsay would tell her younger self if possible (and how it applies to your life too!)  
  • Her best advice to someone who is where she used to be
  • And so much more!

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