Month: July 2014

Your Most FAQ’s Answered Here (Plus An Exciting Announcement!)

There are always a few handful of questions I get asked and so I thought this would be a great forum to share my answers to a few of these.  If you wonder about these for yourself or a loved one, read below to see how your questions can be answered. 1.  What are the most…

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The Sun: Beneficial or Harmful?

Sun is a hot topic, especially if you live in the Midwest where we attempt to fit as many things as we can into the nice, hot weather. We have been taught that the sun is a killer. I, personally, grew up getting my moles checked annually for ‘suspicious looking things’. It was the worst…

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Life Changing Chiropractic Story on ND Today

About 2 weeks ago, I was journaling and working really hard trying not to “think”.  I kept feeling my wheels spinning as I continued to tell my left brain to BE QUIET!  Then I started thinking about my purpose: To Transform Lives and with that thought I felt a sense of frustration.  I continued to…

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Transformation Tuesday: Tiffany G’s Story (have Kleenex nearby, you won’t believe how her life changed!)

I know that Chiropractic works. I know that Chiropractic allows the body to perform miracles. I know that I was chosen for Chiropractic. But MAN, I had no idea what I would witness in my 9 short years of practice. From mamas getting pregnant naturally after years of in-vitro, to babies who don’t need tubes,…

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You are one step away from a more aligned Life!

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