Month: September 2015

Another Medication Bites the Dust

Before I left the office today, the last patient of the morning nonchalantly said to me, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m not taking my Anxiety/Depression medication anymore. About three weeks ago, I decided I was ready to live without it.” (This only after 2 weeks of adjustments) I looked at her,…

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Chiropractic 101: Why it Works

Someone asked me again a few weeks ago, “Does Chiropractic actually work?” I followed up with, “Yes, EVERY time.” Ask why Chiropractic Adjustment works, not ‘if’. Observing a bit of a smirk mixed with a ‘wow, you’re kind of cocky’ look, I replied with, “My intention is to unleash the disconnect between the brain and the body through…

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Anything Is Possible

Is It True: Anything is Possible? Back in the day, when we plugged in the vacuum to the already stressed kitchen outlets, the fuse would blow. We would go downstairs and flip the switch and the connection was restored. The lights would come back on, the electrical devices would work and the clocks were reset….

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