Month: November 2015

Grateful For the Journey: When “Time Flies” is Great!

I was just looking through the last few years of my writings and came across a post from November 27, 2013, on what I’m grateful for. My oh my, it gave me perspective. And hope. And peace. “This too shall pass” …the words written in a card that I got from a friend shortly before I…

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What’s On Our Table for Thanksgiving

Like promised, this is what’s on our table for Thanksgiving. I purchase 90% of our ingredients local and organic from grocery stores and farmer’s markets. My basic spices are Celtic sea salt, peppercorns and my favorite from Wildtree, Organic Rancher Steak Rub. I cook (mostly) in stainless steel and re-use all leftover bones and food…

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What Were You Born To BE?

I started working on this 10 years ago, but really got clear in the last 5 years. Finding my purpose. Yes, I still get stuck in the cattails and murky water. I have to find my way back to my true self. When that happens, I ask myself these questions: What is my purpose in…

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You Know It’s Bad When Your Thongs Are Tight

I did. Memorial Day 2015. This was it. I was going to start something and follow through. This wasn’t a case of bad shoes, it was a case of wearing the ones that fit, figuratively, and wearing them well. I was going to change on the inside to be a beacon of light for everyone around…

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ADHD: Helping Your Child Be The BEST

The scenario is similar for the majority of kids I see. You meet with the teacher (anxiously awaiting) and they suggest you do something to help your child focus, calm down and do better in school. That recommendation usually comes with a suggestion to see your doctor. It often starts when the teacher suspects ADHD……

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Sorry to Spoil Your Halloween Fun

**Spoiler Alert**  Did you know sugar is more addictive than cocaine? The average American consumes over 64-75# of added sugar per year Added sugar is hidden in 80% of foods and many of them are in our drinks: One pop a day increases the risk of heart disease by 30% (Coke has 44g sugar/11 tsp…

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