Month: March 2016

Always Give One More Push

We’ve all been there…knocked down, tired, wondering if we can get back up. And yet, we always do. We get back up. We STAND, together. I’ve seen it multiple times already this week – the tired momma who just had a baby and the needs of others are more than she can handle; the woman hoping…

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Kids and Headaches: What else can you do at home?

There are four major factors at work when healing your child’s headache at home. The first place to look when your kiddo complains of head, eye, jaw, or teeth pain is the neck. The upper neck is the master controller to all of those areas. Posture With the ability to scan their nervous system, I…

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Kids and Headaches: Relief and Prevention

One of my biggest goals is for families not to immediately reach into the medicine cabinet. One of my biggest missions is to teach parents what is going on with their kid. Headaches are considered normal because they’re so common. I don’t agree. Barring a rare medical problem, headaches are an issue in the NECK….

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THINKBG: That was the license plate that we saw driving home from a 3-3 basketball tournament last night. Who wouldn’t read that and notice their vibration higher? Their tummy flutter? Their heart and face smile? Surely not me. It reminded me of a conversation I just had with our freshmen daughter 2 months ago when…

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