Month: June 2016

Reach for the SUMMIT

Whether you love (or even know) basketball or not, I would suspect you have heard of this women – Pat Summit. You may not know that she was the winningest coach in NCAA D1 Basketball (Men and Women). Or that she had 1098 wins in her 38 year career. Or that 48 of her players…

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From Bump to Baby: Why Chiropractic is Key

There’s lots of health challenges going on for children, and so many of our kids are on a slippery slope. Having a pediatric practice and seeing firsthand these numbers, I’m interested in the WHY behind it. From pregnancy to birth and beyond, our children are faced with toxic environments. There are many speculations of the increase in…

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Who Cares About How You Parent

We are so damn worried about how other people see us. What they will think of our parenting, our kids’ hair, their mismatched outfit. Are we trying to read each other’s minds more than trying to build a relationship? Are we wasting our energy on anxiousness, jealousy and guilt that we have nothing else for…

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The Risk of Straight A’s

As school has commenced again (crazy!), I’m reminded of the standards that students hold themselves and others to. Having a 15 and 12 year old at home, this conversation is frequent for our high schooler. We’ve been sharing our thoughts about what a “B” means when you are an honor roll student and a multi-sport…

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Your Legs Aren’t Giving Out – Your Head Is Giving Up

In the office this week, I asked a mom and her kids what they did last weekend and she said nonchalantly, “We were marathon-ing.”  Thinking they were just watching one, being new to ND and all, I replied with a smile. Then she said, “He ran the marathon…………………” Ummmm, WHAT?!?!? (I said to myself &…

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