Month: July 2016

Are You In The Top 4%?

Tony Robbins states: 96% of businesses fail in the first 10 years.

That’s a HUGE number. That means that only 4% of businesses make it past 10 years. And by ‘make it’, I don’t mean that they’ve succeeded, but at least survived.

Hmm, where in your life have you not been succeeding, but surviving?

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Mama, Is Trying to Be PERFECT Tiring?

Yes, I’m a Chiropractor and I talk about Mind/Body Health for moms and your kids, but really… I’m human. I’ve learned everything doesn’t need to be perfect.

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Life Is A Song…Do You Hear the Harmony?

How often in life do we only hear the melody? You know that beautiful song being sung by that amazing musician who hits every note makes your heart flutter a bit and creates an emotional response. Do you ever listen to the accompaniment? The harmony?

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Improve Your Life, Health and Relationships

One of the favorite parts of what I do is TO GIVE HOPE. There is so much lack in the world – lack of health, lack of happiness, lack of trust. A “lack of” mindset. It’s everywhere. Our society seems to think that being broken is normal, or at least understood. Feeling pain and dysfunction is normal.

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Do Not Waste What You Got

We watched it as a family and were collectively glued to the screen. At the end of the movie, those last words: “Do not waste what you got, Drew.”

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