Month: August 2016

“I want to be a SUCCESS STORY”

As I was connecting with a beautiful woman for the first time in the office, I asked her, “What is the ONE THING brought you here today?”
Beautiful Woman states, “I watched the TV show with you and that little girl’s mom on ND Today and I cried. A lot.

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Need a kick in the booty? Motivational Speech… Just Because

It’s time…the honeymoon is over. The training and knowledge gathering is behind you. We are each responsible for ourselves, fully responsible, in order to make the impact that I’ve been chosen for.

This is what you need to make the greatest contribution in the world…

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INSANE in the membrane…INSANE in the brain!

Just like an onion grows from the inside-out, healing happens that way, too. The core is the center of growth, just like our nervous system is the center of healing. So then why do we look to the outside for answers, for treatment for solutions?

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Be a CAPTAIN in Your Life

Just a quick thought:

Are you acting as a captain in your life?

As we near another school year, many sports groups start practicing again. I LOVE it…the fall, football, cool weather, coffee, sweatshirts and sweatpants, a routine, etc.

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When Did You Stop Blaming Your Parents?

Yesterday as I was writing a chapter in my book (YAY, I’m finally doing it…stay tuned!), I remembered a turning-point conversation 7 years ago. Topic: Blaming my parents for everything negative in my life.

I was at a Women of Faith Conference in Minneapolis with my mom, aunt and great-aunt…

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