Month: January 2017

Have You Set Boundaries in Your Life? AKA: Do You Stand Up For Yourself?

In my last post, I asked patients to Not Make Me Their Drug. I heard back from many who asked me, “I hope you weren’t talking about me” or “Whoa, you sounded pissed”. I’ve learned that when I’m setting a new boundary (in the process of my values being challenged), I go through a week…

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Don’t Make Me Your Drug.

Chiropractic is not a drug. Chiropractic is not a treatment. And the Chiropract-or is not performing the procedure for the treatment of some so-called diagnosis or condition that has defined you. You’ve heard me say that the adjustment is Magic Sh!t. I have seen thousands of miracles. THOUSANDS. It is truly amazing and I’m definitely…

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Headaches and Chronic Pain Changed Through Chiropractic

Sarah is a perfect example of what happens when we focus on ourselves. She came to us with headaches and migraines (even though she was medicated), chronic neck, upper back and low back pain…and was agitated and irritated, along with always being tired because she didn’t feel well. SOUND FAMILIAR?!? While we have a tendency…

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