Month: March 2017

Which Kid Are You Raising? A or B?

a. Character, Work Ethic and Attitude b. Talent While coaching and watching teams the last few weeks, it is glaringly obvious which coaches and parents focus on Character, Work Ethic and Attitude. And conversely, which ones focus on Talent. TALENTED, BUT… It doesn’t matter how many hours you practiced to get there or what your…

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Reasons To Find A Pediatric Chiropractor

Ok, so I’m a little scattered in this video. Yes, it’s March Madness Month…oh ya, what does that have to do with Chiropractic? Crap, nothing. Oh nevermind, EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Much of what lights me up is sports – playing (well maybe not much anymore), watching, cheering, coaching. I love it all and our calendar is driven…

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