Month: April 2017

The Power of Chiropractic

Who am I to say that I have an answer? An answer that may give hope to families struggling. I haven’t experienced chronic childhood issues myself or with my kids, but I have seen hundreds and helped their bodies to heal through Chiropractic adjustments. Today I share Ava’s story. She is 4 and came to…

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Taking Confusion Out of Chiropractic

Because I talk about Chiropractic and XYZ (asthma, infertility, anxiety, chronic immune challenges) doesn’t mean that Chiropractic TREATS any of these. No, we do not diagnose or treat anything but Subluxation/aka ‘Missing Jenga Piece’. Every subluxation we experience, weakens the spine and stresses the brain. Our life runs through our brain and body so come…

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The “Curse” of the Strong Woman

Someone close to me said to me the other day, “I don’t think about giving you a compliment because you always look like you have your shit together.” Such an interesting perspective. It got me thinking… Why do we tend to compliment people when we feel they need it, when they look weak, insecure, sad?…

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Life Lesson: Face Your Fears

We have a daughter. A brilliant girl who loves to express herself, lead others and share perspective to help others. She is more aware than most adults I know and she loves to write about what she sees and learns. We plan to write a book together in the near future so this is her…

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