Month: August 2017


I love perspective. I was given a gift this week from a different perspective: Chiropractic is ‘unknown’. And worse than that, people may think it’s dangerous, scary, invasive. Referred by many friends, she finally made the decision to “try Chiropractic”. She was terrified, poor thing. She had NO idea what we do, how we do…

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Live Like You Were Dying – Are You?

Since this song came out, it’s always meant something deep. I mean as in “life meaning” and well, the other stuff, too – Tim sure is somethin’ – beautiful to listen to, to look at and to witness the love he has for Faith. They sing about their life together, the lessons they’ve learned and…

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When a Breakthrough is Near…Keep Going.

When you think you can’t take another step, pick up your foot. When you think you’re going to suffocate, take a breath. When you think you’re alone, call your mom. I can see you: you’re holding on for dear life. you’re pushing, trying to get through. you’re up to your eyeballs with everything you’re in…

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Judge Nothing. Forgive Everything. Love Everything.

This quote was the one in yoga last week: Judge nothing, you will be happy Forgive everything, you will be happier Love everything, you will be happiest The meditative part of yoga, the END. The part that I want to continue forever because it’s such a calm, happy, open feeling. That feeling of euphoria…that you…

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