Month: January 2018

Clarity is a GIFT. Limbo, a CHALLENGE.

Some will say that Clarity is King, but I’m a chic so let’s say QUEEN. ? Understanding how to find clarity in the midst of chaos isn’t always that easy. I hope this will help. With any stressful life event, perspectives change. Emotions are different. Routines are different. Expectations are different. Life is different. Life…

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The Minneapolis Miracle

If you’re a sports fan, well even if you’re not…the Vikings made the “forever highlight reel” in their last ditch option to advance to the NFC Championship. As the world was on the edge of their seat, I imagine the majority had lost hope. I mean, IF we can get a pass to the sideline…

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The 25 AHA’s (or frequent reminders) of 2017.

I am creating a life and a legacy that I’m proud of and would not have learned these lessons without you (especially my family and kids, mom and dad, HTC team, patients and my coaches). 1. Clarity is king, in every relationship. It’s a cop-out to expect anyone to read your mind. 2. Delegation works…

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