Month: May 2018

Growth tip: Be in situations that make you feel inferior.

I don’t mean not feeling good enough. I don’t mean having a pity party. I don’t mean comparing yourself to everyone around you. I MEAN… …challenging yourself to be better Be around people who are doing bigger things than you are Be in situations where they know more than you Be involved in a group…

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It’s ok to feel bad…PROBLEMS are what you need MORE of

Problems are what we need to create clarity, to set boundaries and in the end, they create meaning. If you’re sick of having problems, you’re stuck in your comfort zone and you’re not happy. Mark Manson says that your comfort zone is not a place of safety, but FEAR. Hmm…                 Stuck = giving away…

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What I give a {bleep} about, what I don’t and what I’m learning.

As I’ve reached 40 years of being alive, I assess life as a whole. As ONE big experience. I used to give way too many eff’s about so many things that were out of my control so if you’re where I was, this may help you (download your values assessment). I used to care about…

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