Month: June 2018

Victim vs. Victor

When you make the unhelpful decision to stop breathing, lose perspective and forget you’re in control of your life – Jen Sincero I love this. Because it’s the victim vs victor. Which are you? Do you succumb to ‘your’ stress, thinking nobody is as busy as you, has an unsupportive spouse like you, has kids…

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Step IN or Step OUT

It’s as simple as, “What should I wear today” to as complicated as “What do I want to do with my life”. But really, it’s all about a feeling. The key is we’re trained to THINK, not feel. To be numb. To protect. To turn our heads, to avoid. And that thought patterning and behavior…

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I will.

BOLD ACTION is polarizing. Be visible, never hide who you are. Be real, even when it’s ugly. Be raw, even if it looks like weakness. I will ______________________________. Fill in the blank. Over and over until you think, “holy crapper, can I really do this?” You WILL. This life is meant for you to create….

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Let go

…let go, Tiff Hey, Trailblazers, as I was journaling last night, this came up. Ask for help. Be quiet and breathe long enough to hear, to listen. …let go, Tiff Play with no agenda or schedule. …let go, Tiff Follow the leader. Find your mentors and know your mentees. Keep your heart close though. …let…

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