Month: September 2018

Kids need FREEdom

I saw a fb post the other day of a mom asking what age the kids should be to walk or bike to school alone. And you shoulda read the comments…you shoulda felt the fear of these moms. The stronghold and the nails gripping onto their children. So they remain “safe”. I know it depends…

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You really want to be mediocre?

I noticed a few things last week in perceived human limitations of people close to me. Key word: perceived. People who “used to be competitive” were complacent with their new normal. And now compare themselves to Average and Mediocre. Those words make me wanna puke. How much life will you live if you are average…

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Why is your dog fat

Maybe you’re too busy to play or walk. You don’t have enough money to feed him healthy food. You’re not patient enough to properly train him. Or how about this one: he’s genetically like this, look at his mom and dad! Do you believe that? Where else in your life do you find reason to…

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