Month: October 2018

What you avoid controls you

With any health challenge, I always see a problem in at least one area (many times all 3): Finances Marriage Confidence That may have made your throat constrict. Your tummy twirl. Or maybe even brought tears to your eyes. Why? Because you know you need to go deeper than scratching the surface. It’s making you…

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CONVICTION = Exhaustion

As a recover(ing) people pleaser, a woman good with her words – and “gets her way” often, I can tell you alllllll about this. I will share first though: the ONLY person you are hurting is YOU. Who in your life are you trying to convince to believe what you believe? Who are convincing to…

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Be Extra-Ordinary

One of my life-long mentors in Chiropractic, Dr. John Demartini, is a master healer, teacher and speaker. One of his talks from a seminar in 2015 opens with his wish for all of us to say and believe: “I give myself permission to do something extraordinary on planet Earth” How often do you find yourself…

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