Month: January 2019

“I can’t afford it!”

Whether you can or can’t, is it about money? If you were just diagnosed with a health issue that needed immediate medical attention (time and money), would you be telling the doctors that you couldn’t afford it? NO, because your life depended on it. If you are having marital challenges and counseling looks to be…

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Should learning lessons always be HARD?

I don’t believe so, but that’s not what I used to think! It’s taken me 40 years to tell myself a different story and train my brain how to respond differently. This was my belief system for years: The stronger the risk, stronger the reward Nothing worth it is easy If you don’t die trying,…

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your screw-ups are part of YOU (but don’t define you)

College GPA of 1.8, academic probation YIKES. I was on the verge of not being eligible for basketball and affffffffraid to even speak with my parents after they got the letter. The 2nd worst part is that I didn’t even know. Didn’t know my grade, didn’t know what I needed to get on tests and…

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