Month: February 2019

Let Pain Exist

With the passing of my Uncle Dale last month, there are so many things that remind me of him or lessons coming through his family that resonate with me. I love this video as it can relate to you, no matter how big or small your griefs may be. Let.Pain.Exist Grief comes in many forms,…

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Hope Defined

The #1 word we hear from patients is the word HOPE = believing that tomorrow will be better than today.                Hope is a promise, light at the end of the tunnel, aspiration, desire, dream A belief in HOPE, not despair. A belief in HOPE, not broke. A belief in HOPE, not sickness. A belief…

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5th grade: the mask came out

I was told we were moving for a better opportunity, a better life. But what I believed was: Here begins your middle and high school years of struggle. My dad had many job offers as a small-town elevator manager, but I didn’t know about them. Until now. “We have 2 offers on the table and…

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