Month: May 2019

It’s easy, just let go

When you realize that showing up as your most pure, true identity is more about “letting go” than “adding in”, the shackles disappear. The pressure of reading more, learning more, being an expert in more goes away. The expectation to be healed in all areas of life so that you can give better service magically…

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Lessons from a beach ball

In a recent talk from a well-spoken man, he painted a picture about perspective from a beach ball. He keeps this mini beach ball on his desk to remind him that there are 2 perspectives, 2 sides to every story. As he looks at this beach ball from his desk chair, he can only see…

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Left out?

Do you make decisions out of FOMO? FOMO = Fear.Of.Missing.Out I was the QUEEN of this from 14-35 years old. Although mostly healed, every now and then I have a hard time going to the bathroom during a social event in case I miss something. Now I can see that caused so much undue pressure….

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“If it doesn’t suck, we don’t do it.”

…through the mouth of a Navy Seal. What if we thought that way instead of easy? What lessons would we learn if believed that the more challenge, the more growth? 40% When you’re tired, you’ve only use 40%. So when you don’t think you can keep going in a relationship…when you don’t think you can…

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Are you hiding behind the keyboard?

I go in streaks on Facebook and have been on a dry spell. Sometimes it’s a platform I learn from and connect with and sometimes I fall into Comparitis, then shut down. Not really on the personal side as I’ve seen a bazillion incongruencies in people. But in business. Because real people are running businesses….

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