Month: June 2019

“I’m lucky, I’ve never needed a Chiropractor.” But are you?

“I’m lucky, I’ve never needed a Chiropractor.” This statement used to make me mad. You could imagine some snarky comment under my breath to try to prove my point that it’s so.much.more. Then I realized that people have no clue what Chiropractic is. Because everywhere you look, there’s a billboard/ad/marketing ploy on Chiropractic AND Pain….

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Creating boundaries with love

I asked my HTC tribe what they LOVE about us over the last 14 years: Going above and beyond and knowing each person individually. It’s so amazing to know that you feel how we strive you to feel: LOVED, appreciated, accepted for who you are. And then this question was asked: “How do you see…

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The dreaded bull in a china shop

Known as being a “bull” for the majority of my adulthood, I started to believe that was my personality. Thankfully, because of a bazillion lessons and mentors, I’ve learned the difference between being BOLD and being a BULL. One is bravery and courage and one is protection (of my ego). Ever been called these? “She…

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You are one step away from a more aligned Life!

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