Month: September 2019

Toxic Positivity – Part 2 – Show up as you

Defined: The push for a mental state in which we only experience and show “positive” emotions.  Omg, how exhausting would that be. One of my last pieces I wrote was about Toxic Positivity. Words kept spewing out of my mouth, so I decided to write a few more thoughts. I see Toxic Positivity show up consistently…

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just think positive

Does this sound like you? “Only positive thoughts. It could be worse. I should just be thankful. Just be happy!” Whether those words are thought to yourself or out loud, do you think it will make you or your bestie feel better? Things like: “this too shall pass” or “think happy thoughts!” or “focus on…

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19 Lessons – Make Your Own List

The things I’ve learned over the last 14 years: Bigger is not better. Looking back to see what has changed, many will admit they have more stuff, less time to enjoy it and more stress to keep it. Making people feel “safe and at home” are still the most important. Social media can get our…

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