Month: October 2019

You Decide 006: Dr. Staci Blume – Risking It All For More

Dr. Staci uprooted her life of luxury and comfort and booming practice in Minot, ND, when she committed to living bigger, with Nate, the love of her life. She left her practice, her family and her identity behind and trusted her heart as she moved to Indiana, married Nate, inherited 2 amazing step sons, had…

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Episode 005: Karli Moch – Turning the Negative Into Positive

Unfortunately, Karli has had some unbelievable health challenges. Three months postpartum, Karli started a nine month nightmare of digestive issues and severe pain. Quickly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, an autoimmune disease that affects the lower digestive tract, Karli started another devastating path through misdiagnosis and mis-medicating. Never having faced a serious health problem before, Karli didn’t think…

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Symptoms are LIARS

You think you have a slipped disc in your low back. You’ve checked Google, multiple youtube videos, talked to your friend who knows this well and your parents who have heard millions of these stories. Or maybe you wrote into your myChart to #askadoc and it was suggested (without xrays, CT or MRI). You don’t…

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Desperation: your biggest motivation

I was talking to a friend last summer about motivation. About drive. About doing whatever it takes – in particular in building a practice. But what I’ve realized is my ability to build a practice was built on my drive to contribute to humanity, be a pillar in my practice, help my community and make…

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You Decide 004: Dr. Delrae Messer

In this episode Dr. Delrae shares her biggest life lessons including finding joy in the journey, and finding fulfillment through personal growth, contribution and services to others. She explains how in a world of accolades and awards, we’ve lost our way, thinking that we have to make a massive contribution to make a difference, when truly, the…

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You Decide 003: Mom’s Thoughts – Making Sense of Middle School

In this follow-up to Callyn’s first episode, Dr. Tiff (a.k.a. mom) gives her take on the conversation they had about middle school struggles, particularly, battling perfectionism. As is probably true in your family, the parental perspective is often different from the child’s, but both are equally important. Find out how Dr. Tiffany handles common, yet…

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You‌ ‌Decide‌ ‌002:‌ ‌Callyn‌ ‌Johnson‌ ‌-‌ ‌Making‌ ‌Sense‌ ‌of‌ ‌Middle‌ ‌School‌ ‌

In this episode, Dr. Tiffany explores the struggles of middle school with her favorite person ever – her daughter Callyn, who was recently featured on North Dakota Today. Callyn, relates the difficulties she faced in this time of her life, and how they manifested in physical responses to her stress. Between now and then, social…

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You Decide 001: Our First Episode!

In this candid introduction, learn a little more about Dr. Tiffany, as she explains her hopes and fears about hosting this inspiring, overdue podcast. You Decide will explore the lives of inspiring people and unbelievable stories of recovery. Through sharing these stories, she hopes to inspire ways to get through the hard times, and how…

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