Month: November 2019


A few days after our tropical, blissful vacation a few months ago, I got “sick”. Severe stomach pain and the runs with anything that I ate or drank. Similar to the flu, but no fever and no stomach pains unless I ate. This, for 10 days. (insert eye roll) I was going through my internal…

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You Decide 010: Steph Lauritsen – Getting through the Holidays with Meaning AND Money!

If you’re stressed at all about money and the holidays – this episode is for YOU! This week we talk to Steph Lauritsen of, about how to get through the holidays with our finances and hearts intact.  With money struggles being the #1 cause of divorce and infidelity, Steph knows developing financial strategies is about…

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You Decide 009: Brandi MacDonald – The Masks We All Wear & How To Remove Them

This week we hear from the fantastic Brandi MacDonald – a leader, spokesperson, mask “taker-off-er” and all-around incredible human being.  A powerhouse in the Chiropractic profession worldwide, Brandi MacDonald is a force to be reckoned with. Tune in to hear our incredible discussion about how past trauma leads to chronic disease, how we all hide behind masks and how constantly pushing forward…

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You Decide 008: Callyn and Dr. Tiffany Johnson | Find Your Team: How Sports Can Affect Your Life

Everything I know I learned from sports. ? I joke, but it’s kind of real. Growing up with active, competitive parents, it’s what we knew.  Our family time was spent in gyms and hotels with the people we loved the most. It’s what 90% of my high school memories were made of.     That’s why we…

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You Decide 007: Danell Phelps: Be Better Today Than Yesterday

When Danell Phelps packed up and left Idaho to start a new life in West Fargo, ND to start a coffee stand, not everyone in her life was on board. A single mother, with little more behind her than determination and desire, she chased her dream knowing she was on the right path.  As the founder of…

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