Month: December 2019

You Decide 016: Dr. Delrae Messer – Choosing To See Your Blessings

A message so nice, we’re playing it twice! One of our first guests, Dr. Delrae Messer treated us to this OUTSTANDING conversation, and we wanted to replay it, in case you missed it. In it, she shares her biggest life lessons including finding joy in the journey, and finding fulfillment through personal growth, contribution and…

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Are your kids waiting for the trophy?

Ribbons. Trophies. Pat on the back. Congratulations. Compliments. I’ve written a lot about this over the years of being a parent and coach. The difference in 20 years is crazy, but this is more than a “participation ribbon rant”! I believe we can be better as leaders in our family and community. Kids seem to…

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You Decide 015: Mandy Anderson – Rising Out of the Ashes of Her Circumstances

In this incredible discussion, Mandy Anderson shows us how to make the best out of a bad situation. From a cystic fibrosis diagnosis to finishing her first half marathon, through the power of journaling she cultivated a life of joy, and accomplishment. She explains how faith, “giving yourself permission” to do whatever it takes to heal…

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Fear Can’t Be Trusted 

Oh, the thoughts that consume our mind.                  But are they real?  Is this you?  Afraid to be seen.   Afraid to be alone.   Afraid to speak your truth.   Afraid of confrontation.  Afraid of new things.  Afraid to start, afraid to not finish.  Afraid to say no.  Afraid when your kids mess up.   Afraid to disagree. …

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You Decide 014: Brenda Entz – The First Lady of Bison Football

Taking life one day at a time, being truly independent, and living without regrets have helped Brenda Entz find her tribe. Her biggest lesson in life is from “Coach” Matt: “What do you have to lose? Nothing. Go do it!”    Married to Matt Entz, head coach of the Bison, and mom to two sons playing…

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Take the Next Right Action

If you feel like throwing in the towel, If you’re struggling on where you belong, If you’re not sure you’re on the right path, If you’ve lost your health, If you’ve lost hope, If you’ve lost YOU, …take the NEXT RIGHT ACTION. And do it over and over until it’s boring. Because success is boring….

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You Decide 013: Dr. Angie Pufahl – Living in Contrast

Through divorce, death and dementia, Dr. Angie has learned to embrace living in contrast. The insights she shares in this episode are breathtaking, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it. When life throws us for a loop, when we are in a situation that is in complete contrast to our usual way of life, that is life…

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You Decide 012: Mom’s Thoughts – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

In my recent episode with Callyn, we talked about how to reset when anxious feelings take over.  Anxiety is what happens when the left side of the brain – our source of logical thought – goes into overdrive. The best way to snap out of that way of thinking, is to get out of the hamster wheel…

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You Decide 011: Callyn Johnson – Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

We’ve got a fun one today! Cal is back and we’re talking about learning how to lighten up when you’re stressed, worried, anxious or “stuck in the mud.”  When we’re feeling that way, we’re stuck in the left, logical side of the brain. So what can we do to bump ourselves over in to the right, creative…

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