Month: June 2020

You Decide 040: Kellee Hann – No Fear. No Excuses. Get to Work.

Hold onto your seat and get ready for this one! Kellee Hann is a force to be reckoned with, and if she can’t inspire you to take that first step toward your dream life, no one will.⠀⠀Kellee worked for years in a supportive role to many successful entrepreneurs. Eventually, she decided to use her powers…

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You Decide 039: Dr. Tiffany Johnson – Muting The People Who SUCK

Today we’re talking circle of influence. Is there anyone in your circle who needs to be muted? When you feel the pull toward a new idea, do you bounce it off the people in your circle? Most of us do. But how many people in that circle poo-poo on your idea because it scares them?…

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You Decide 038: Crystal Franco – Essential Oils: Uses, Safety, Quality and Kids

Have questions about essential oils? Join to the club! There is an incredible amount of “information” out there and most of it is questionable at best.⠀ ⠀ Crystal Franco is a natural healer who specializes in aromatherapy, and has a passion for educating people about the incredible benefits and potential dangers of these amazing little…

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You Decide 037: Jodee Bock – Intellect, Intuition and Instinct

The world needs more Jodee Bocks, but believe me when I say there is only one! Since she learned to read as a toddler, Jodee’s mind moved beyond the capacity of most children her age, and she found herself asking life’s big questions – which came as a shock to many of the adults in…

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