Month: October 2020

057: Cycles, Pregnancy, and Postpartum with Dr. Tonya Loken

Dr. Tonya Loken is a Naturopathic Doctor and nutritionist, who practices at Catalyst Medical Center, in Fargo, ND. On this episode we focus on the menstrual cycle, pregnancy, and postpartum self-care. She also clarifies what symptoms are “normal” as opposed to “common,” and why the distinction is important. Dr. Tonya explains what a healthy menstrual…

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056: Has PAIN pushed you into a smaller life?

Today we’re talking about pain. Without realizing it, you may have come to accept it as part of your everyday life and I’m here to tell you this is not normal (like for real, NOT normal).  I’ll be talking you through becoming aware of the pain, its impact on your health and life and what…

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055: Amanda Jelinek: Intuitive Reading (LIVE)!

Today we have one of the most connected to spirit friends that I know, Amanda Jelinek. We met 14 ½ years ago in my Chiropractic practice and we’ve always had a bond both being driven women and moms and very intuitive. Today’s episode is a bit nontraditional – imagine that! I tell a lot of…

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054: Mastering the Mindset to Scale Your Business with Dr. Tiffany Johnson

TODAY IS MY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF PODCASTING! I am a lot of things, but consistent hasn’t always been one of them. So putting out weekly podcast episodes for a solid year is kind of a big deal for me. The truth is, I can be consistent when it involves doing something I love. But…

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