Month: November 2020

060: Does Your Crotch Hurt Sitting on That Fence?

Yep, I just said the word crotch. Today we’re talking about where in your life you’re stuck on the fence, between where you were and where you REALLY want to go. And instead of creating a plan to get off, you’re stuck on how you got on that dang fence – decision fatigue is REAL!  …

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059: Leaving a Legacy: Growth vs. Lack Mindset

Grab your rose-colored glasses and get ready to have fun! I’m talking about brainstorming and how it helps develop a growth mindset!  Allow yourself to brainstorm the vision of where you’d like to see your health, business, and life. Just remember to come back down to reality (that’s the hardest part for me to remember!)…

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058: Are your sales in alignment?

Today is all about sales! As you may or may not know, I love business and I most definitely love personal development! But you can only “fake it ‘til you make it” for so long, right? So today I share the three things you need to know to be great at sales. I’m warning you…

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