Month: January 2021

065: Performing Without Fear or Doubt with Callyn Johnson

What happens when you perform? Do you get nervous that you might make a mistake? Or are you afraid of what someone might think? Today, my daughter, Callyn joins me to talk about how you can give your best performance without fear or judgement. We cover: Focusing in on the one task you’re performing The…

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064: Fostering love with leanna ihry

Do you ever get little nudges in your life telling you to do something? Maybe it’s to bring your new neighbor cookies and introduce yourself or maybe it’s something bigger. If this is you, then today’s guest, Leanna Ihry might be the catalyst you’ve been needing to take action. Leanna is a wife, mom of…

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063: Have you lost faith in your body?

Doctor knows best. That’s normal. These are two common phrases that almost all of us have heard at one time or another. But are they true? On the podcast today, I’m breaking down the 3 big misconceptions around your personal health and how you can find out if you’ve lost faith in your body. You’ll…

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062: From Crippling Perfection to Truly Living Life with Lyndi rosenau

Struggling with perfectionism? Is it stopping you from really and truly living your life? If so, then this episode is for you! Today, my right hand gal and recovering perfectionist, Lyndi joins me to talk about the actions you can take to break free from perfectionism and lead the life you’ve always dreamed of! We…

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