Month: February 2021

069: Living without limits

What do you see when you hear the word limit, a wall, a barrier? Today on the podcast we explore limits and what you can do today to start living your life without limits! Let’s talk about: Why you create limits in your lifeHow you can start building a bridge to achieve your goalsThe question…

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068: An Unfiltered Life with Amanda McKinnon

Hey, Dr. Tiff here. Do you love to help people, but never think to ask for help yourself?  Our guest this week can relate to that. Amanda McKinnon owns a successful branding and marketing business, is raising her 17 month old daughter and bonus sons ages 15 and 12 to be thoughtful people, and still…

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067: Gaining Divine Confidence with Kat Kim

Do you struggle with confidence? Do you wonder what you are here to do? Today’s guest, Kat Kim, is here to help you! You need to hear Kat’s crazy story of being fed diet pills starting at age 6 to dealing drugs at 18  to becoming a spiritual leader and founder of The School of…

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066: How to Set Goals the Right Way

Your New Year’s Resolutions already busted? Listen up, here it’s just me on the podcast and I’m sharing my own unique strategy on how you can set goals and actually make them happen! We’ll dive into: The importance of writing down your goals What helps you achieve what you want (focus) Changing your mindset and…

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