Month: March 2021

074: The Powerhouses Behind Successful Goal Setting

Ready to become a ninja at crushing your goals? If so, then this episode is a must listen too! Grab a pen and paper to take notes as I talk about how you can achieve anything by combining the tactical and energetic sides of goal setting. I cover: – Three different types of goals you…

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073: Imperfect Happiness with David Caspers

Losing a loved one can be difficult, but also help shape who you are now. Today I chat with my cousin, David about how the loss of both of his parents has affected him and allowed him to grow and move on through imperfect happiness.  We talk about: Perfection of spirit and having a vibrant…

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Do it anyway.

No matter what you do, what you say, there will be judgment. Do it anyway.Say it anyway. If you talk about success too much, you’re cocky If you don’t, you’re stand-offish and unapproachable If you say no to “Can I pick your brain?” messages, you’re a jerk and have become “too good” If you share…

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072: The Millionaire Mindset

Ready to get off the mindset hamster wheel? On today’s episode, I’m talking about the actions you can take right now to get your mind right and create the rich, fulfilling life you’ve always dreamed of! You’ll hear more on: Why having negative thoughts isn’t a bad thing What happens when you stretch yourself 3…

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071: Playing for the Person Next to You with Erik Hatch

What’s the best way to create success in your life? It’s not focusing on YOU!  My guest today, Erik Hatch is a successful entrepreneur, realtor, coach, author and more who can relate to creating success in life. There were many bumps in the road to getting to where he is today, but he’s taken those…

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070: Performing To Be Your Best with Callyn Johnson

Today my daughter Callyn joins me once again on the podcast to talk about performance. We talk about the lessons learned in the sports arena, but why you don’t have to play sports  to reap the benefits of setting healthy habits. We chat about  How you can level up your “game plan” Why training for…

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