The 25 AHA’s (or frequent reminders) of 2017.

I am creating a life and a legacy that I’m proud of and would not have learned these lessons without you (especially my family and kids, mom and dad, HTC team, patients and my coaches).

1. Clarity is king, in every relationship. It’s a cop-out to expect anyone to read your mind.
2. Delegation works and you should never feel guilty about it. Hire out what you don’t love.
3. There is always room for 1 more; and we added 4 more to our team. We are a power tribe.
4. Be a master at ONE thing and make progress to bring that to the world every day.
5. Be vulnerable and transparent so others can support you, especially in your close relationships.
6. Slow down for a minute. Then go again ?
7. It’s ok to be unreasonable…actually it’s part of my genius.
8. Having conflict builds trust (eek!).
9. Never be satisfied, always be content.
10. Fear hides behind gratitude. Write down or think about 3 things you’re grateful for every day, especially if your day wasn’t awesome.
11. Inaction creates anxiety. When I start to ask for other’s opinions, read more books, find another coach, that is my sign to take action. Just do it.
12. Be concise, out loud. I say a lot of things to myself and it has created numerous misunderstandings. Use your voice (and/or technology) to say what you mean to the person you need to say it to.
13. Sleep is a game changer. In 2017, I vowed to sleep 7 hours/night and 80% of the time, I succeeded.
14. When people start criticizing you, you’re on to something.
15. Overpromising and underdelivering is the worst feeling ever. Fix the miscommunication (first with yourself, then with the others).
16. Honor your heart. When it doesn’t feel right, listen. When it feels right, jump. Fast (read #6).
17. If it’s not a hell yes, it’s a no.
18. My way is NOT the highway. Ask more questions and listen. It’s tough some days…
19. When I clip my fingernails, it means that I’m done with the conversation. Hmm, interesting.
20. Technology is changing the world in a really good way. Parent your kids so they know how to be a human – that’s not technology’s fault.
21. Stay outside your comfort zone. Once you expand, you will never go back.
22. Make health a priority. Uff, I haven’t done that the last 6 months. I admit it. I have taken full responsibility and 2018 will be a year where I take my power back over my health.
23. Bad sign = when your thongs are tight (cont’d from #22)
24. Puzzles are the bombdiggity and it is the only thing that I can do without thinking. But it hurts my neck.
25. Friends are where the heart is. Wow, so many deep relationships were built this year.

2017 was a pivotal year, one of blasting through comfort zones and coming together as ONE – one family, one mission, one vision. Here’s to seeing it all come to fruition…

Love you all,

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