I have known Yarrow for about a year and a half now and I like to describe her as a recovering counselor. Her journey to healing and helping others heal is non-traditional and was found through extreme and radical choices. She has navigated the world in her own way and during that journey has become the next evolution of who she is. This evolution has allowed her to help others heal and learn from her love and knowledge.

Bio: My name is Yarrow, and I am the creator of The Yarrow Kae Way, a healing method that sets you free through combining traditional spiritual practices and energetics with psychological and somatic healing techniques.

I grew up in a fairyland amongst the rivers and Redwood trees of Northern (way Northern!) California. After spending 20 years in cities (SF, LA, Chicago, NYC), I have settled back into the fairy forest in the redwood trees.

With a Master’s degree in Counseling and Depth Psychology and two decades of teaching yoga, breath-work, and meditation, I will help you to heal, psychologically and spiritually. This work brings forth past trauma and childhood wounds and illuminates the addictive behaviors and maladaptive coping mechanisms that may have kept you safe but are holding you back.

This energy is very sneaky and subtle, yet as I always say—Subtle energy creates your life, and when you suss out the subtle and sneaky ways that your nervous system is contracted, create safety in your body, and gently move into expansion you are set FREE.

As a leadership and nervous system mentor I hold you, see you, and gently challenge you so you feel safe to shed these behaviors, stories, and beliefs, which guides you to feel present, calm, connected, and able to move through life freely and with ease, able to be seen, receive, expand, and JUST BE.

In essence, we rewire your nervous system so that it is dripping with GOLD and you feel safe to relate to the world through abundance and expansion.

Everything is connected and by deepening that connection to yourself, others, the world around you, and your vision, you feel safe to receive and create YOUR life…

Connect with Yarrow on Instagram @yarrowkae and on her Podcast: The Heal and Expand Podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/4mtglXAacOs0BnZ4YFl0J7?si=1a13a5c1465441aa

Meet your host, Dr. Tiff Johnson:
Intuitive Chiropractor since 2005, Mom, Wife, multi-business owner and activator for helping others find alignment in their bodies, life and business.  While “Doctor” may be beside her name, Tiff is the down to earth, straight shooter friend that will make you laugh and shift your perspective on life at the same time.  She is the perfectly imperfect balance of human and soul on a mission to activate the potential of everyone she meets.  Welcome to her “Living Room” of the Wild Light Podcast.

More About The Wild Light Podcast:
The Wild Light Podcast is a show designed to bring to you conversations that spark a light within.  Through each episode we will reconnect with the higher consciousness in all of us that unites our human and our soul.  From relationships, to business, to health and healing, Dr. Tiff finds the balance between keeping it real, awakening truth and shaking up the norm. There are no limits to where we go in this show, as it should be in your life.

Are you ready to activate that Wild Light in you?

Connect with The Wild Light Podcast: https://drtiffanyjohnson.com/

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