The Difference Between a Habit & Addiction…And Which One I’ve Tackled

Today, I want to share my experience with breaking addictions and changing habits. There’s a significant difference between a habit and an addiction. An addiction controls your life and can’t be done in moderation. Three and a half years ago, I quit drinking, which was my first domino. Recently, I quit coffee, recognizing it as another domino affecting my health and productivity.

Our addictions can be inconspicuous, like my coffee habit, which revolved around everything I did. It prevented me from being active and impacted my health negatively. Breaking it brought clarity and improvement in many areas of my life. It’s essential to identify these dominoes and tackle them one at a time to move toward our future selves.


What’s your domino? It might be a seemingly harmless habit that’s actually holding you back. Embrace radical honesty and find that one thing to change. The journey can be tough, but it’s about improving for yourself and those you love. Remember, one domino at a time. Good luck!


Meet your host, Dr. Tiff Johnson:
Intuitive Chiropractor since 2005, Mom, Wife, multi-business owner and activator for helping others find alignment in their bodies, life and business.  While “Doctor” may be beside her name, Tiff is the down to earth, straight shooter friend that will make you laugh and shift your perspective on life at the same time.  She is the perfectly imperfect balance of human and soul on a mission to activate the potential of everyone she meets.  Welcome to her “Living Room” of the Wild Light Podcast.

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The Wild Light Podcast is a show designed to bring to you conversations that spark a light within.  Through each episode we will reconnect with the higher consciousness in all of us that unites our human and our soul.  From relationships, to business, to health and healing, Dr. Tiff finds the balance between keeping it real, awakening truth and shaking up the norm. There are no limits to where we go in this show, as it should be in your life.

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