5 things to do TODAY to change the course of your life.

  1. Start a Gratitude Journal – Every morning, write 5-10 things that you are grateful for. This is your first opportunity – before logging in, sending emails or checking social media – to get your mindset focused on what is right in the world, what is good. When we start our day with gratitude and thankfulness, we see it more. And you know, if you got in a fight with your mom the night before, today is a new day with a new perspective. If you were just struggling paying your bills, but your HOME is part of your gratitude practice, you will start to see your ‘bills’ differently. It’s all about the energy you put to it, you choose.
  2. Write 3 Things You Love About You – If you’ve never done this before, start! It may seem awkward, weird and selfish and this is the exact reason why you need to OWN you. Only you can be you. This isn’t about having nice hair, pretty eyes and strong legs. But it is about having nice that grows fast so I’m able to donate it to someone who is struggling; pretty eyes that I get to see the amazing world through, seeing the best in people and knowing they are destined for greatness; and strong legs because I’ve carried many miles and experiences and my legs have gotten me to where I am. This is what you love about you; the essence of you, what nobody else experiences firsthand except for you. If you cannot come up with 3, how do you expect everyone around you to show you love?
  3. Wear Sexy Undies and a Bright Shirt! – No more hiding, no more fitting in. You were meant to shine, to lead and to be noticed. As you are going through your closet, if you don’t LOVE it get rid of it! Raise your standards with your garments and undergarments. If this is a reminder that you need to be fitted for a bra, do it! If you need to order more awesome-sauce undies online, do it now…oh my, is there anything worse than tight thongs? Or wedgies? Or stinky drawers? And don’t overlook your socks…how about having stretchy socks that slouch in your boot? Ugh, that makes my tummy twirl like nails on a chalkboard. Take the time to feel great on the inside and that starts with how you feel in your skin (and your clothes).
  4. Make Someone’s Day – Whether it’s a love note on your spouse’s mirror, a written card sent in the mail, a call to a friend, making their day makes ours even brighter. Buy coffee for the person behind you, smile at a stranger, pay for someone’s groceries or go out of your way to give someone a compliment. Imagine you being in an elevator and everything that you do to make someone better around you, raises you up with them. At the end of every day, if you know that you impacted someone’s life, you will be rewarded.
  5. Do Something JOYful – What brings you joy? What gives you that pitter-patter in your heart, that warm fluttery feeling in your tummy? Feel it and do it. Schedule a date night with your husband and kids. Go to eat at a new restaurant. Get your nails done. Buy tickets to a concert. Plan a trip. Invite friends over. Start playing piano. Do weekly family game night. Start a puzzle. Reach out to an old friend. Go to a comedy show. Paint, write, read, create. Ride your horse, ride your bike, go for a walk. Sign up for a race.

It takes personal responsibility to decide that you want something different, that you deserve something different, that you will have something different. It takes letting go of the excuses (no time and no money) and feel into what you want. How you want to feel every day. How you want to show up in this world because really, all it takes is for you to say YES.

Know you’re worthy…

Dr. T

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