5 Ways to Help Your Child in School

This time of the year may be stressful if you have children struggling in school. Parents often know it’s coming, even before the teacher brings issues up at the parent-teacher conference. Lack of focus, acting out, misbehavior, all pointing at ADD or ADHD.

There are options other than medications that can help your child in the classroom.

I look at the why instead of the what when it comes to the behavior of your child at school. I describe these kids as a ferrari engine with a bicycle brake. They’re a high-performance engine that need better care and tools.

From my perspective, it looks like a perfect storm, from stress and medications during conception and pregnancy, followed by preschool years plagued by illness. Then, the school years, complete with concerned teachers and a trip to visit the doctor to discuss ADD and ADHD.

  1. Build your team to include a pediatric-trained chiropractor.
  2. Revise you child’s diet to remove toxins, add more whole foods and include supplements to boost missing nutrients.
  3. Emotional support such as a counselor or psychologist.
  4. Ensure your child is getting daily exercise and activity.
  5. Help your child create play by reducing or eliminating reliance on technology for entertainment.

If our children can heal their body from the inside out, they’re going to see benefits at school.

I want this video to help you or your loved ones. It will make a huge difference in the life of your child and family.

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