Do you ever get little nudges in your life telling you to do something? Maybe it’s to bring your new neighbor cookies and introduce yourself or maybe it’s something bigger. If this is you, then today’s guest, Leanna Ihry might be the catalyst you’ve been needing to take action.

Leanna is a wife, mom of 4 and child of God who is passionate about vulnerable children and the foster system. She chats with me about the nudges that she kept experiencing that led her to becoming a foster and soon to be adoptive parent. 

We talk more about:

  • Why she and her husband decide to let God guide them on this journey
  • The pivotal moment that led her back to her faith and to becoming a foster parent
  • How becoming a foster family has changed everyone in her family
  • The ripple effect fostering has created in their community 
  • Why taking the easy path isn’t always the best path (and what you can do instead!)
  • And so much more!

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