A word that makes some cringe and others light up. It’s what I’m about. 

The driven over-achiever who deeply desires fulfillment and nourishment in every area of life. The successful leader who is ready to be seen, heard and felt — fully, not only in their role in the workplace, but in every part of life. 

A word that feels ‘as one’ but you don’t know how the hell it would ever happen for you. It’s what I’m about. 

Are you ready to immerse yourself into a transformational experience where you are different today than yesterday? My gift is in seeing people, fully, in ways they’ve never seen themselves. I do this by guiding in a way that brings forth the wild + worthy that live inside you. I will walk you through the dark to show you the light, the light which is your brilliance — your greatest vision — your highest truth. 

A word that can feel quite polarizing, yet contradiction hurts worse. A gap in your identity will limit your success in every area of your life 

Every space I create (I call it my Living Room) is intimate, integrated + intentional. Whether it’s 1-on-1, a smaller mastermind or a large event, you will be different in every fiber of your being. 

This isn’t “healing work.” This is the next step: Expanding. Evolving. Elevating. 

There will be activations, contemplations + energetic work, all blended together to create the ultimate in alignment.

Connection to ourselves. Connection to others. It’s what we crave. It’s what we need. 

I’m a wife. Mother. Multiple-business owner. Healer. Activator. Mentor. Shaman meets Standard Keeper. I wear many hats just like you and can proudly say I’m wearing them all well. That wasn’t always the case. But it is now. And I’d love to show + tell you how.

Are you ready to let down the armor and stand in your truth + soft power?