ADHD: Helping Your Child Be The BEST

The scenario is similar for the majority of kids I see. You meet with the teacher (anxiously awaiting) and they suggest you do something to help your child focus, calm down and do better in school. That recommendation usually comes with a suggestion to see your doctor.

It often starts when the teacher suspects ADHD…

Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta. One of them or some of all of them. There may be an anti-depressant added in there, too.  For many families, this path doesn’t feel right.  To medicate my 6 year old? There’s gotta be another option.

The MILLION DOLLAR question: “What other options do we have?”

This may be a struggle between your partner, your parents, your family, your doctor, your child’s teacher. You feel like you are fighting this alone. You have reassured yourself that you won’t back down as you are a voice for your child. Your decisions impact the present and future. You don’t take this lightly.

If this sounds like you, I know other options. But first, let me break a few things down on this ‘Perfect Storm’. It start before conception and during pregnancy and usually affects those under a lot of stress (difficult conceiving, life changes during pregnancy, or a difficult birth that led into birth trauma and NICU time). Many of these kids struggled with ear infections and colic as a baby, were sensitive to foods and had digestive issues (tummy pain, constipation). They were the first ones to get sick and the last ones to get over it. They were a bit anxious, slightly perfectionistic and struggled

Many of these kids struggled with ear infections and colic as a baby, were sensitive to foods and had digestive issues (tummy pain, constipation). They were the first ones to get sick and the last ones to get over it. were a bit anxious, slightly perfectionistic and struggled

Perhaps your child has always been a bit anxious, slightly perfectionistic and struggles with adapting to change. They are smart, just not able to fully concentrate and follow through on tasks. According to Dr. Tony Ebel, master Pediatric Chiropractor in Illinois says, “ADHD is not a deficit or a disorder, but instead is a brain and nervous system that has a ‘Ferrari engine’ with ‘bicycle brakes’”.

A Ferrari Engine with Bicycle Brakes – sound familiar?

If you truly live with a kiddo like this, you completely understand what I’m talking about. This part of the nervous system is our fight/flight system, where hyperactivity, fidgeting, anxiety and other such things live. It is meant to be turned on only for a short period of time (when you’re getting chased by the bear), but unfortunately these kiddos are stuck in this system. That’s where Chiropractic comes into play. The Chiropractic Adjustment facilitates the Vagus Nerve (the opposite of the fight/flight system) to instill relaxing, calm, reorganizing and healing. Every adjustment turns ON the circuit breaker switch that was OFF so that the brain can communicate to the body without interference.

I know this is getting heavy, so I will get onto it. This is what I recommend for the majority of these kids (mixed between neurological and chemical/emotional):

  1. Find a pediatric-trained Chiropractor and open communication between your spouse, teacher and Chiropractor
  2. Remove toxins (especially additives, colors and preservatives; dairy, especially milk, and gluten)
  3. Add more whole fruits/vegetables and supplements (basics are probiotics, whole food multivitamin, omega 3 fatty acid and vitamin D) which are specific to each child.
  4. Exercise daily for 30 minutes as this is a MUST for these kids.
  5. Address emotional triggers. Your child may or may not be seeing a therapist, but there are many options in our area.
  6. Technology is a killer of our creativity, especially at a young age when their brains are going through the most intense growth and development.

This topic is highly charged with many opinions. My remarks are based on experience of those families I’ve worked with in 10 years and the 15 years of training in family, pediatrics and holistic living. Ultimately, my goal for every human I work with is this: I want to help your body heal so that it doesn’t need to rely on medications that alter your physiology. We have all of the parts we need; we are not broken. It may just take some time to put the puzzle pieces back together.

I’m here to help and support you and your family. If this sounds like your family, call our office. If it sounds like a loved one, send this to them.

Loving all of you,

Dr. T

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