All About Poop (I know that intrigued you!)

If you read the last article on ‘Poor Poopers’, you may feel yourself a bit excited to have found a possible solution or you may feel more confused. I hope to help you with both. If you haven’t read it yet, click here. BEWARE: This is much more factual than what I typically write. I felt it was necessary this time, but don’t get used to it. Whew, this is tiring!

Chiropractic works. The adjustment works. Every time.

But don’t be mistaken, it does not ‘treat’ a symptom. Even though we are talking about ‘poor poopers’ this time, Chiropractic is not treating constipation. Instead, I’m sharing common issues I have experienced. The adjustment removes the interference between the brain and the body so that it can communicate and heal. In whatever order it needs to. And via experience, that’s where miracles happen.

I get many questions on how chiropractic can help regulate the digestive system, so I’ve included an FAQ to answer the most common questions.

The most common questions about poop:

  1. I thought chiropractic was for pain. How will it help my child who has constipation?
    • Think of the circuit breaker board in your basement. If you power one more thing on in the kitchen, the circuit breaker may blow. When that happens, the lights go out and the power goes out in the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. The chiropractor is looking for the circuit breaker blow in your body and investigating on why it happened.
  2. What circuit breaker blows (stressors) could have caused this?
    • The most common stressors during pregnancy and birth:
      • The birth process. Even the most beautiful of vaginal births the baby experiences 60-90 pounds of axial pressure. Forceps and vacuum extraction increase that number.
      • Think you’re in the clear if you had a C-section? Check out this video.
      • In-utero positioning (breech, sunny side up, horizontal, etc.)
      • Toxins from pre-conception, during pregnancy and/or while breastfeeding. This document describes the amount of toxins in the umbilical cord blood of infants most.  Body Burden: The Pollution in Newborns – Environmental Working Group
      • The mental health of the mom during pregnancy, whether she had previous mental and emotional struggles or a stressful life event occurred while pregnancy. The baby receives all stress hormones from mom.
    • Most common stressors during early infancy:
      • Accidental falls, bumbo chairs and Johnny jump ups when they are too young, baby wearing in the incorrect position
      • Toxins in food and medications from mom while breastfeeding, 2nd hand smoke, prescription medications to treat common childhood conditions
      • Formula (especially commercial brands)
  1. The newest drug for constipation is Miralax. What do you think about that?
    • Well, to keep this politically correct, Miralax is an ‘outside-in’ approach to health. It is a band-aid to cover up the symptom, yet does not address the cause of the problem. The short and long term side effects of Miralax are listed here. This is an article from 2012 with numerous reliable sources, too.
  2. How do you know that Chiropractic will help?
    • After going through a comprehensive consult, exam and nerve scan, I know if Chiropractic will help your child. With my background in family and pediatrics, I have spent thousands of hours learning, researching and working with kids of all ages. But most importantly, I have worked with hundreds of children who have gotten results without using Miralax, essential oils, hot packs, etc. Remember: Chiropractic works. The adjustment works. Every time.

I understand this may be the tip of the iceberg for many of you, so as you are thinking of additional questions, please send me an email, I want to help you. This information is not intended to be good or bad, right or wrong. My intention is to offer more information in the form of experience blended with facts so that you can make decisions for all of those whom you love.

Remember that true health comes from the inside, not the outside. We were created with all of the parts we need to be happy and healthy, so the next step is to get them working!

Sharing with love and compassion, hoping to help your ‘Poor Pooper’  :)

Dr. Tiffany

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