Another Medication Bites the Dust

Before I left the office today, the last patient of the morning nonchalantly said to me, “Hey, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m not taking my Anxiety/Depression medication anymore. About three weeks ago, I decided I was ready to live without it.” (This only after 2 weeks of adjustments)

I looked at her, paused, and looked up at her again. I got the goosies, shivered and my eyes filled up with tears. After wrapping my arms around her, I stepped back and came back to my promise the first day we talked about her health. I said, “YOUR BODY KNOWS WHAT TO DO! It knows how to heal. It just needed some help.”

To many, this idea that your body knows how to heal itself may seem crazy. I think it’s absolutely mind blowing.

I hear words like these every day. You may think this could never happen to you. But it can. In this example, I’m specifically talking about Anxiety and Depression, but man, I’m referring to the whole host of pills, potions that our society takes on a regular basis. From an infant on Zantac to a child on Ritalin to an adolescent on Miralax. It’s everywhere, guys. We have given up. We’ve decided that the pills, potions and lotions are easier. It’s easier than fully taking responsibility for your life and your children’s life.

But is taking medication really an easier way to live?

In the long run, is this easier? At the end of your life when your health has failed for years and you don’t know what good feels like, will you continue to think that the short cut was the easy way out?

It’s clear that we haven’t figured out how to take care of our bodies properly. We are replacing our gardens with sugar, chemicals, and packaged food. We are replacing pure water with H2O sugary drinks, diet sodas and Rockstar. We are replacing books with social media crap causing compare-itis, and we are building relationships via typed words instead of face to face interaction. We are focused on healing from the outside, not the inside. We are taught to stuff those feeling of hurt, anger and sadness; that crying is for sissies; and to just “get over it”. Because of all of this, we aren’t sure how are body is designed to work. We are just used to what it is right now and what becomes normal.

News flash: Our bodies are meant to heal, to function in perfect order. To eat well, think well, move well and feel well.

In my experience with hands-on healing, it is a combination of the mind and body healing together. I challenge you to BELIEVE that your body can heal and that it may not need medication.  Most importantly, the Chiropractic Adjustment does what we cannot do in our mind. It releases the interference between the brain and the body to allow your innate healing to kick into high gear as it begins to reconnect and start to heal from the inside.

I’m just so lucky. So lucky to witness these beautiful people with these beautiful stories. Because I hear and see these over and over, you have helped me see what is possible for humanity.

You just have to BELIEVE.

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